Monday, November 3, 2008

McCain Reveals He Made Prank Call to Palin

John McCain revealed today that the Canadian comics who made a prank call to Sarah Palin were not the first to do so. McCain said he made a prank call to Palin after deciding on his Vice-Presidential running mate. The transcript follows:

McCain: Hi Sarah, this is John McCain.
Palin: Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're calling me!
McCain: I can't believe you actually gave me your real phone number on that matchbook.
Palin: Us Alaskan gals are straight shooters.
McCain: Then I guess Dick Cheney isn't Alaskan. Heh, heh.
Palin: You betcha he isn't.
McCain: Here's a kneeslapper for you. What do you call an Eskimo taking off one of their seven layers of outerwear?
Palin: I love riddles! I don't know, what?
McCain: An Alaskan porno film.
Palin: Boy, you sure keep those jokes comin', don't cha.
McCain: They don't call me the Straight Talk Express for nothing.
Palin: I though that nickname meant you worked on the railroad.
McCain: The reason I'm calling you Sarah is because I'm the Republican nominee for President...
Palin: I hadn't heard that. Are they having those elections again this year?
McCain: They have Presidential elections every four years.
Palin: Oh, I thought they just did that with the Olympics.
McCain: Sarah, I'd like you to be my Vice-Presidential running mate.
Palin: Oh my gosh Mr. McCain that's sooo flattering, but I'm married.
McCain: Sarah, I want you to be on my ticket as Vice-President.
Palin: Me? Wow, that's great. What does the Vice-President do again?
McCain: Basically you stay out of sight during the campaign and go to state funerals when you're in The White House.
Palin: Cool. Can I get money for some swanky funeral duds?
McCain: How does $150,000 sound?
Palin: Great. I'd love to be your Vice-President!

(At this point, Palin's cellphone loses the call. McCain is unaware of this and keeps talking)

McCain: Sarah, actually I gotta tell you that you've been pranked or punked or whatever they call it. I love a practical joke. How could I pick you as my running mate? You're not qualified to be Vice-President or President. Anyway, I picked my good friend Joe Lieberman to be my running mate.
Hope you didn't mind the prank. Bye, Sarah.

After Palin's cellphone lost the call, she called every media outlet in Alaska to break the good news that she was McCain's VP choice. After the news broke, McCain couldn't admit that the whole thing had been a big joke.

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