Saturday, October 25, 2008

Will Elisabeth Hasselbeck Endorsement Be Game Changer for McCain-Palin?

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck introduced Sarah Palin at rallies in Florida today, the two looked like they were auditioning for a right wing version of "The View" for Fox News.

The coveted Hasselbeck endorsement, along with Patricia Heaton and Kelsey Grammer, means McCain-Palin has received the support of all three conservative entertainment personalities.

Yet John McCain's poll numbers continue to fall so much that he now opens his speeches with "My friend".

I just performed at a fundraiser for a new film called "Maximum Fun". Sounds like the story of John McCain's years at the Naval Academy. What's more fun than finishing fifth from the bottom of your class?

John McCain continues to be obsessed with Joe The Plumber. I expect Sarah Palin to give a speech on abstinence and talk about Linda The Tramp.

Palin seems to suggest that real Americans drop their g's. That has alienated voters in New England, who believe that real Americans drop their r's.

I think the only reason there are still undecided voters is that they hope to be featured in an undecided voters segment on CNN.

Here in New York City, an undecided voter is someone who's not sure if they're going to vote for Obama at the polls, or by absentee ballot.

That doesn't mean Democrats in New York don't ever do things the way Republicans do. They just do it on a different scale.

For example, John McCain has nine luxury homes. Charlie Rangel has four rent-controlled studios.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Live From New York, It's Someone Who Shouldn't Be Vice President!"

What exactly was the point of Sarah Palin appearing on SNL?

The reason for a politician to appear on a television show, is to give us a side of them we haven't seen. Palin set out to show that she can be light and fluffy, when the whole country already knows that's all she is. If Palin wanted to show us a side of her that's actually intelligent and thoughtful, she would have done an hour with Charlie Rose(which comes out to 30 minutes after Charlie is done talking).

Even the worst, scariest politicians have the ability to talk to the media, and somehow find the words to hide how horrible they are. But how horrifically wrong for higher office do you have to be to avoid talking to the press altogether?

If we were voting for a new cast member for "Up with People", or a local weatherperson in Anchorage, Palin's stint on SNL would have put her in a good light. But she is a candidate for Vice President, and the only thing being on SNL did was to shroud the McCain-Palin campaign in even more darkness.

For every Saturday Night Live appearance, a candidate should be required to do Meet The Press, Face The Nation and This Week. For every Larry King spot, a candidate should be forced to do three news conferences.

It's disturbing to think that some voters will actually think better of Palin because she can take a joke, even though she can't take an intelligent stand on serious issues.

But being able to take a joke is meaningless, if your candidacy is already a joke.