Friday, April 1, 2011

Ohio and Wisconsin Republicans Reveal Union Busting Was Early April Fools Joke

Republicans in Ohio and Wisconsin admitted today that their legislation to severely weaken the right of unions to engage in collective bargaining was merely an early April Fools joke.

Ohio State Senator Shannon Jones said, "When I sponsored this bill, I really didn't think anyone would take me seriously. I mean, what kind of an idiot would think it was a good idea to balance state and local budgets on the backs of hardworking union public employees?"

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker added, "Do you really think I would try to destroy unions in a state that has such a progressive tradition of looking after the rights of workers? Just to pay back the billionaire Koch brothers for financing my campaign?"

Governor Walker said that he was surprised no one got the joke. "Attacking the rights of public employees and unions was such an irrational, over the top thing to do. I can't believe people thought I was serious."