Sunday, January 13, 2008

We Won't Be Fooled Again, Or Will We?

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — President Bush urged wary Persian Gulf allies on Sunday to rally against Iran “before it is too late,” even as the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that the country had agreed to answer outstanding questions about its nuclear programs within four weeks.
New York Times

Bush should be charged with plagiarizing his own speeches on Iraq in 2002 and 2003. His idea then of "before it was too late", was if he let the inspections run their course, they would have found that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Bush wants Iran to be confronted now, before they're able to prove they're doing what we want them to do.

And then there are those dreaded Iranian speedboats. Calling speedboats a threat to US warships, sounds more like a headline in The Onion, than a rational observation. Speedboats aren't threats to warships; modest waves are threats to speedboats. And the person who filed a transmission saying "You will all explode in a few minutes", sounds more like a crazed Howard Stern hacker, than a terrorist. The footage the Pentagon released looks like some grainy You Tube video from Spring Break in Cancun. I figured that when talk of a recession started surfacing, Bush would be dragging Iran back into the picture. What better way to distract the American public from something that's really happening, than to whip up imaginary fears of menacing, all-powerful speedboats?

Would someone please tell Wolf Blitzer that there was nothing "shocking" about Hillary Clinton's victory in New Hampshire on Tuesday?

It would be shocking if the networks actually allowed all of the candidates to participate in debates, rather than the ones they think have a chance to win.

It would be shocking if voters realized that Mike Huckabee doing Leno and Letterman, isn't a reason to vote for him for President. If he did the Chabad Telethon however, that would be a reason to vote for him.

What's really shocking is that Bush thinks he can use the same script from 2002 to fool us again in 2008. And that he can probably convince the American people he's only using the old script because of the writers strike.