Sunday, July 6, 2008

Will McCain Insist Obama Wears Declaration of Independence T-shirt?

You would have thought that once Barack Obama started wearing the US flag pin, all of those nasty rumors about his supposed lack of patriotism(whatever that means)would go away. But the idiotic rantings of ignorant people continue to circulate across the Internet. What else should he do to convince them?

Nothing. These are mean-spirited, moronic individuals who aren't going to vote for him, or any person of color, ever. So forget them. They're probably too stupid to know when Election Day is anyway.

How about paying more attention to nice, mildly neurotic, progressive people like me?I know that moving to the center is probably a winning strategy. And I desperately want Obama to win. But how about throwing a bone to us bleeding heart liberals, who live in very blue urban areas like Brooklyn? Can't you intersperse your "it's OK to spy on us to keep us safe" material with "George W. Bush lied to us, and went to war under totally false pretenses?" And when you say that protecting the mental health of a woman is not an excuse for a late term abortion, can't you follow that up with, "I'm definitely picking judges who will uphold Roe vs. Wade?"

We liberals know the drill. It's OK to sound progressive during the primaries, but once they're over, you have to start talking like a "real" American. In this campaign, the word "liberal" is used as an accusation, much like "child molester". Remember when the first Bush attacked Dukakis for being a "card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union?" And Dukakis just hopped on his tank and ignored it. Why don't liberals take pride in being a liberal, and take pride in being a member of the ACLU? After all, the ACLU fights for the very freedoms granted to us in the Declaration of Independence. Which sounds pretty patriotic to me.