Sunday, December 30, 2007

The End Of The YEAR As We Know It

2007 went by much too fast, but at least we're that much closer to the end of the Bush-Cheney regime.

I'm a liberal Jewish political comedian, so although I hate what they have done and continue to do to our country, I don't wish them ill personally. This summer, Bush had a colonoscopy. Apparently, he was having headaches. Bush temporarily turned over the powers of the Presidency to Cheney. I though he already did that in 2001. The White House even put a spin on Bush's colonoscopy. They said doctors found three polyps and five weapons of mass destruction.

Mike Huckabee keeps proving that having a sense of humor, and bringing your own laundry to the front desk at the Holiday Inn, doesn't make you qualified to be President. His reaction to the tragedy in Pakistan this week, was to say how we need a border fence with Mexico more than ever, to keep Pakistanis out. If he was trying to be funny, that would have been a wildly absurd joke, but sadly this is what he really believes. Or what God told him to believe.

Huckabee had a commercial in Iowa, where the words "Christian Leader" were superimposed. Somehow, in an age where politicians wear their religion on both sleeves, this didn't create an outcry. If the late Rabbi Menachem Schneerson was running for President, and had an ad which said "Hasidic Leader", the reaction would have been a little different.

There's no end in sight for the Writers Guild strike.
But doesn't it seem that all of the Republican Presidential candidates, and some of the Democrats too, have had their writers on strike since the beginning of the campaign? If you got your news from Republican debates, you would think that the biggest threat to our country was 12 million illegal immigrants working harder than most Americans, to send their meager pay to their families back home. They're not threats, they're role models. Fear mongers like Tom Tancredo, who dropped out of the race because he would have gotten absolutely no votes, are threats to this country. Not illegal immigrants.

I just got back from San Francisco
, where I had the privilege of working with a true comedy legend Shelley Berman, at Lisa Geduldig's Kung Pao Kosher Comedy shows. Getting to watch Shelley onstage, and talk with him offstage, was a master class in comedy.

I loved being in California, a state where Bush's popularity is the lowest in the country. He's down to 23. Not percent. Just 23.

This time next year, we will have elected a new, hopefully Democratic, President.

We have a lot to look forward to.

Have a Happy, Healthy and very funny New Year.