Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Vote. In a Super Duper Kind of Way.

Barack Obama has done Letterman and The Daily Show, and packs 20,000 seat arenas. I've come to realize that he has the career I hope to have.

For those who doubt Obama's transforming powers, consider this. At the Izod Arena in New Jersey Monday, he actually got Robert DeNiro to speak. Full, clear sentences. Several of them. That's why I get the sense Obama is talking to me.

I can't understand the venom some otherwise bright people have for Hillary Clinton. While I support Obama, I think Hillary is an incredibly accomplished, able person who would be an excellent President.

The same people who hate Hillary have been largely silent about our indescribably atrocious current President. I asked one of those people the other day why he doesn't complain about Bush too. He said he hadn't paid attention to what Bush did for the last seven years. He said he's waiting for Bush's first term to come out on DVD. I started to tell him about the Iraq war, and he said, "Don't tell me, I wanna wait to see it on the DVD." The DVD has special features too, like a list of the 935 false statements Bush made about Iraq, in five different languages. Bush's speeches are all subtitled in English as well.

It was drizzling earlier today in New York City, which is enough to keep some people from voting.
I don't want to go outside and vote. I have to put a coat on, bring an umbrella, walk two blocks. Do they deliver? I'll have two Democrats and a coke. And I have a coupon for the cold sesame noodle."

I love voting. I even waved as I left the voting booth. No one noticed. Once I tried to vote in a primary election, and there was a sign outside the polling place that said.
"Primary cancelled due to uncontested races. Signed Vladimir Putin."

I think Giuliani's endorsement of McCain will actually take away votes from him in New York. Especially among firefighters and other first responders. I've never understood the logic of being endorsed by someone few people wanted in the first place. Giuliani campaigned like he was running for Mayor of New York. In Florida. His original campaign strategy was to skip all the primaries, and then stage a military coup with Bernie Kerik.

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Have a Super Duper Tuesday. And please vote.