Sunday, May 18, 2008

No One Wants To Talk To Bush Either

Maybe if President Bush realized that talking to your adversaries is wiser than killing each other, the world leaders in this photo would talk to him.

But Bush thinks the US shouldn't talk to radicals, even though he talks to Jesus everyday.

World leaders always look so uncomfortable when they meet with President Bush. You'd feel that way too, if you had to talk to a guy who doesn't listen, and listen to a guy who doesn't speak in complete sentences. That's another form of torture from the Bush Administration.

Likening Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter to "Nazi appeasers" should be grounds for immediate impeachment. They shouldn't even let Bush back into the White House. They should just mail him what was in his desk in the Oval Office, including the crayons and coloring books.

Hillary Clinton defended Obama, making this the first time Bush was a uniter, not a divider.

Hillary continues to look for ways to change the inevitable. Next she'll claim that Obama's delegate count reached its expiration date, like frequent flyer miles.

While the press jumped on Obama for daring to call a reporter "Sweetie", it ignores the story of two top McCain campaign officials who resigned after it was revealed they did PR work for Myanmar. McCain hired them because he figured if they could make a vicious military junta look good, they could do wonders with him.

How would these morally challenged PR hacks spin Myanmar's refusal to allow immediate and unrestricted aid to the people unlucky enough to live in their clients's country?
Myanmar wanted to reduce its carbon footprint by only having one plane load of supplies every few days.

And what slogan would they come up with to make Myanmar look good? Here's one Bush would probably approve of.
MYANMAR: Our brutal regime commits crimes against humanity, but hey, at least we're not Nazi appeasers.