Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hillary Concedes That She Really Won

Hillary Clinton decided to endorse Barack Obama at a time when she thought it would have the most impact- Saturday at noon in the summer. Even Obama had the good sense to play golf instead of sitting at home on a beautiful warm day. That annoyed ardent Hillary supporters, who perhaps are unaware that they have these new fangled recording devices now that let you watch a speech after it's been delivered.

Hillary drew a large crowd on Saturday, but I'm guessing there were a lot of comps and TDF members.When Hillary spoke about herself and her campaign, she was positively glowing and effusive. When she talked about Obama, it was like she was reciting a homework assignment she didn't want to do. I understand how she felt, but at least she could have unenthusiastically delivered those words last Tuesday instead of waiting until Saturday. It's admirable to be a fighter who doesn't give up until the end. It's delusional when instead of conceding right after your opponent has won the nomination, you instead urge your supporters to email and tell you what you should do next. I would've have written, "Please turn on the news, you lost".

I think Hillary is a remarkably gifted and qualified candidate, but that doesn't excuse the irrational behavior of a tiny minority of her supporters. They want to punish elected officials who had the gall not to endorse Hillary, by supporting their opponents(P.S. Their opponents are Republicans). And any Hillary supporter who now says they will vote for McCain, instead of Obama, should be called what they really are. Either idiots or racists. No other explanation can account for voting for someone whose views are the polar opposite of the person you originally supported.

And when Hillary compared the primary rules(which she had approved) to elections in Zimbabwe, it showed yet another of her personalities. One that was totally devoid of judgement. If she ran for office in Zimbabwe, lost and complained about the election process, she would be jailed. If you lose in this country, people talk about you as a Vice Presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton supporters should not blame Obama, or men in general, or the rules of the Democratic Party, for why Hillary lost. She lost because Barack Obama was a better candidate, a more inspiring, hopeful and consistent leader who stuck to his principles and convictions. And one more thing. Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq. They counted all those votes-she was just on the wrong side of it. Maybe this would be a good time to use that quote: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars. But in ourselves."