Thursday, March 4, 2010

Were Laws of Gravity Passed Through Reconciliation?

The Kentucky Legislature recently introduced a bill that would encourage teachers to discuss “the advantages and disadvantages of scientific theories,” including “evolution, the origins of life, global warming and human cloning.”

But why stop there?

Maybe it's time to revisit the whole question of whether the earth is actually flat after all. Skeptics point to those images from space that clearly show a round globe. But how hard would it be to do some editing tricks with Photoshop to give the illusion of roundness? Skeptics also say that if the earth was flat we would hear stories of people falling off constantly. But it's pretty hard for people who just fell off the earth to tell their story to the media

The round earth camp clings to a belief in mysterious gravitational forces that keep Brazil from falling backwards into space. Maybe revelers in Rio have been flying into space, but people are too drunk to notice.

When was the last time anyone took an unbiased look at the laws of gravity? Who wrote these laws and were they passed through reconciliation?

If reconciliation is "the nuclear option" Republicans and conservative media say it is, does that mean Iran is secretly building a 51 vote majority to drop on Israel?

Isn't it time to insist that we stop the threat of 51 vote majorities around the world, especially in the volatile Middle East region? A good first step might be to use unmanned drones to target parliamentarians around the world. They seek to impose a new Robert's Rules Of Order in the world, that forces countries to adopt the undemocratic nuclear option of majority rule.

To those who support this nuclear option of a 51 vote majority, where is the money going to come from to pay for it? That's what Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky probably had in mind when he singlehandedly held up unemployment insurance for hundreds of thousands of Americans by refusing to allow a vote on it. Democracy may look good on paper, especially parchment, but in a recession, the American taxpaper just can't afford these reckless majority rule votes.

To those who are so quick to criticize Jim Bunning, did you ever consider that maybe he was holding up the unemployment insurance vote to maintain his Time Magazine ranking as one of the Five Worst Senators? Although political correctness tells us not to value victory, a former star pitcher like Jim Bunning knows the value of winning any kind of prize, even one that the liberal media gives a negative connotation.

In addition to evolution and global warming, maybe Bunning's home state of Kentucky will challenge another long established theory that Republicans and conservatives have questioned recently.

The truth.