Friday, April 17, 2009

Succeed, not Secede

Texas Governor Rick Perry hopes the notion of having Texas secede, will lead him to succeed in the GOP primary next year. And that, coupled with his refusal to accept certain Federal stimulus money, is what his rabble rousing performance at the April 15 tea parties is really all about.

Unlike South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, whose similiar stance on the stimulus money is principled and thoughtful, although misguided, Perry is exploiting the legitimate concerns of his constituents to pander to a miniscule minority who want to secede from America, instead of working to make America succeed.

There is nothing more American than taking to the streets to protest something the U.S. government has done. Just as I proudly demonstrated against the Iraq War, Americans have the right to register their dissent with our economic policies. But urging your state to leave the country is literally un-American. And, contrary to what some have said, the Texas Constitution does not grant the right of Texas to secede. Here are a few reasons why Texas should not seceed.

If Texas secedes:

George W. Bush would be the first former President to become a foreign citizen.

The Dallas Cowboys would have to leave the National Football League. And no more Cotton Bowl. The Texas Rangers would be renamed the Texas Seceders.

If you're a country, you can't get away with a slogan: "Don't Mess with Texas". It's just not very diplomatic.

If Rick Perry is unqualified to be Governor, imagine what he'd be like as President.

And finally, there won't be any more Fourth of July barbeques from Dallas to San Antonio to Houston.

So c'mon Texas. Don't break up with us. Your country needs you.