Monday, June 8, 2009

Sarah Palin Gets A Bronx Cheer

As a political comedian, I was thrilled that Sarah Palin was in New York over the weekend. But not as thrilled as the owners of the New York Yankees. Palin was at Yankee Stadium with Rudy Giuliani on Sunday, making them the first people to actually sit in those $2600 seats behind home plate. Not that they paid for the tickets. Palin may not like accepting federal stimulus money to help Alaskans, but she's happy to say "you betcha!" when offered free first row Yankees tickets.

Apparently when Giuliani first asked Palin to go to the game, she said no. Then she said it was a communication error, and that she had meant to say yes. Even though she wasn't sure if Giuliani had in fact asked her in the first place. Then she told Giuliani she wasn't going, until she found out he had invited Newt Gingrich to the game instead of her. But since Gingrich had been chosen as the keynote speaker for a Republican National Committee dinner on Monday, after Palin had said no, then yes, then she was never asked, then yes, then I'll just sit in the crowd and wave, Gingrich had to stay home and study for his big speech. Or Twitter about Sonia Sotomayor. So Palin wound up going.

I'm sorry Palin didn't get the chance to speak at the dinner Monday. And so is Tina Fey. Palin is fascinating and fun to watch. Newt Gingrich, not so much. In fact, I wish it was Sarah Palin and not Dick Cheney who was monopolizing the airwaves lately. Even though they both say things I strongly disagree with, I'm happy to watch Palin as she says those things I strongly disagree with. When Cheney speaks, the darkness and gloom overwhelms me so much, I have to turn the channel.

So I hope Palin doesn't act like a stranger, and visits New York more often. Maybe next time she can go to a Mets game and sit in the first row behind home plate at Citi Field. Those free tickets only cost about $600.