Monday, November 26, 2007

The Hunt for Illegal Nuts

You can find productions of The Nutcracker virtually everywhere this holiday season.

This item appeared in the New York Times on Thursday:

Israel has asked for help from the United States in cracking down on illegal pistachio nut imports from Iran, after Washington warned that the trade was hurting efforts to curb Tehran's nuclear program.

I think the hunt for "illegal nuts" should focus on the occupants of The White House, who fit that description perfectly.

Israel imports pistachios worth $26 million annually, mostly from Turkey. But Washington says nuts from Iran are mixed in with the shipments, undermining economic sanctions meant to force Iran to stop developing its nuclear abilities.

How fitting that nuts from Turkey and Iran get mixed together. Both kinds of nuts deny genocide. If part of the US's bullying approach to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons involves monitoring sales of pistachio nuts, you have to wonder who the real nuts are.

The latest spin on Iraq this week is that THINGS ARE GOING REALLY WELL NOW! Maybe it's not that progress is being made, it's that eventually even horrible, despicable things have to wind down for the time being. And the so-called progress is 1000 Iraqis returning to Baghdad, out of 4 million who fled the country. The media reports that things are getting back to normal in Baghdad are probably plagiarized from stories like NEW ORLEANS IS READY FOR BUSINESS! The recent election results that gave the New Orleans City Council a white majority, show that New Orleans may be ready for business, but apparently not ready for black people. For most of us, Katrina was a humanitarian disaster. To some Republicans, it was just redistricting.

When President Bush flew over New Orleans after Katrina, he remarked about the partying he used to do there, and also about Senator Trent Lott losing his multimillion dollar Mississippi Gulf summer home. While I felt sorry for Lott's housing loss, I'm certainly not sorry that he announced today that he would retire from the Senate at the end of the year. Lott almost had to resign after he said that our country would have been better off if deceased bigot Strom Thurmond had been elected President. Lott tried to back down. He went on Black Entertainment Television, he changed his name to "T Lotty". But Lott was just showing his true color(white). He once spoke at a white supremacist meeting and afterwards he claimed he had no idea who the group was. I would have thought the hooded sheets might have been a tipoff.