Sunday, October 5, 2008

Palin Goes After The Attack Dog Vote

As women continue to reject her candidacy, Sarah Palin is taking on a new identity to attract a different demographic. Attack dog.

With her poll numbers declining, Palin hopes the small canine minority of attack dogs will respond to her high pitched shrill attacks on Obama's character. Not to be confused with the vast majority of smart, decent and loving dogs who would reject such scurrilous accusations, attack dogs can identify with Palin. Especially Joe Six Pack regular American attack dog.

Only an attack dog like Palin could insinuate that Obama approved of the Weathermen bombings, which happened when he was eight years old. Can attacking Obama for advocating a radical Muslim overthrow of the United States be far behind? Nothing is beneath Palin, who has set the bar so low that it's underground. She is capable of saying the most vile, mean, lies, with a big, toothy smile and a "you betcha" at the end.

People like Palin who smile and drop their g's as they deceive, try to appear like nice people who can relate to the average American. The truth is, the average American is far superior to Palin in every possible way. She is an ignorant, hateful American. In an upbeat, hockey Mom way of course. Every hockey Mom should reject Palin. The only part of hockey she represents is the one where a player swings his stick at an opponent's throat.

Let's stop this nonsense about Palin speaking for the average American. The average American knows that she is a fraud. And not a nice person. And probably an anti-Semite. We Jews can pick up on these things.

So when the average American can see through Palin's lies, she has only one group left to go after. The attack dog days of autumn are upon us.

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