Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Israel Blames Bernie Madoff For Civilian Casualties

Israeli authorities revealed today that losses from investments with Bernie Madoff, forced Israel to cut one of The Ten Commandments, "Thou Shall Not Kill", and led to the deaths of over 600 men, women and children in Gaza.

Israel also said Madoff was a member of Hamas, just so they could blame Hamas for the killings too. "When you steal money from people, that's a terrorist act", said an Israeli government spokesman. When asked if bombing and killing civilians was also an act of terror, he said " We don't target civilians. We target the buildings we know civilians are hiding in."

Israel's Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said "There is no humanitarian crisis in the Strip and therefore there is no need for a humanitarian truce." Livni also said that the earth is flat.

Livni is right that it's not a humanitarian crisis-it's a humanitarian disaster.

Before the Israeli invasion, it was a humanitarian crisis. Four of five Gazans lived on $2 or less a day. Seven of 10 were out of work. Electricity lasted for a quarter to a third of the day. But compared to the current situation, those were the good old days.

Israel is expected to continue fighting until January 20 at noon, when Barack Obama takes the oath of office.

When it comes to speaking out against the war crimes of Israel and Hamas, Obama needs to drop the "We only have one President at a time" schtick. After all, does anyone really consider George W. Bush the President anymore?


Judah Freed said...

I agree completely. Wish I had your sense of humor when truthtelling....


Shirleygrl said...

HIlarious & TRUE!

R J Adams said...

"Before the Israeli invasion, it was a humanitarian crisis."

Well noted. I'm so tired of US politicians trotting out the same old excuse to support Israeli aggression: "I'm sure if someone was lobbing rockets at America...."
- like the situation bears any comparison whatever.

Obama's silence on the issue is cause for concern.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends:

What I heard on the news tonight was deplorable and shocking. On December
30th, 2008, anti-Israeli protestors in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (in Florida
of all places) called for "the Jewish people to go back to the ovens."

No matter which news stations I've turned to these last few weeks or which
newspapers I've read (including The New York Times), the focus has been on
the "supposed destruction" Israel is causing the people of Gaza and
diminishes the reality of Israel's purpose; to stop the endless firing of
Hamas rockets into southern Israel on a daily basis, aimlessly targeting
Israeli civilians. The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles has said the

"Since September 2005 when Israel voluntarily withdrew from Gaza, Gaza-based
terrorists have launched more than 6,000 rockets and mortars into Israel,
many supplied by Iran and Syria. After Hamas recently ended the cease fire
brokered earlier this year by Egypt, the terrorist organization renewed its
daily attacks on Israel, and has deliberately placed much of its terrorist
infrastructure in civilian neighborhoods, which will result in greater loss
of life as Israel seeks to dismantle the Hamas terror network."

It's astounding to me that during this time when Israel needs our support
more than ever, there are anti-Israeli demonstrations occurring in Denmark,
France, England, Iran, Iraq, Manhattan, Phoenix, Anaheim, Los Angeles and
the list goes on and on. In many cities, the Israeli flag is being burned
and desecrated.

I have been active these last couple of weeks participating in rallies
supporting Israel and her right to protect herself and her people. It is
truly disheartening for me to see such a lack of "Los Angeles American Jews"
at these rallies. Approximately 95% of the peaceful protestors participating
are Israeli and it's made me feel like I am the minority amongst my own

Hamas is one of the worst terrorist organizations the world has ever known.
They use civilian women and children as human shields. Israel and the Jewish
people's mission has never changed - to live in peace and to perpetuate
peace around the world.

Until the state of Israel was created, Jews had no alterative but to
assimilate into other nations' cultures. Throughout history, we've been
tolerated, at best.

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition will be turning out huge numbers of anti-Israeli
protestors this Saturday at noon in front of the Federal Building on
Wilshire and Veteran. Please, please join me in support of Israel.

If history has proven anything, it's that the world would be happy with the
complete extermination of Jews. Don't be complacent.

I really hope to see you on Saturday.


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