Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain's Economic Speech Uses The Word "Fight" 700 Billion Times

As he sinks further in the polls, John McCain's campaign combines desperation with a sixth grade level appeal to voters. Sarah Palin's speeches hover around the fourth grade.

John McCain is acting like an elementary school kid who repeats the same words over and over. McCain has uttered the word "Fight!" so many times that he acts like he's leading the cavalry, instead of running for President.

You almost expect him to come up with campaign proposals like a candidate for sixth grade President.

"My friends. I will fight for your right to have soda in the water fountains. And free gum every Wednesday. And every Friday, you can stay up as long as you like! For parents, I will fight for your right to carry aboard a plane a 4 oz. container of moisturizer instead of the measly 3 oz you can carry on now. And never again, my friends, will you have to pay for that second lemonade in a restaurant. No, my friends, a McCain administration will fight for your right to free refills."

McCain even sounded like the sixth grade bully when he vowed Monday to "whip Obama's you-know-what" in Wednesday's debate. For a guy who says he "knows how to win", McCain's low brow campaign shows that what he really knows, is how to lose.

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