Thursday, October 30, 2008

Like The Emperor, Sarah Palin Has No Clothes

Sarah Palin defended the $150,000 the RNC spent on her clothing by describing how inexpensive her jewelry was. It's a few days before the election, and she's talking accessories. She doesn't sound like a Vice Presidential candidate. She sounds like a host on QVC.

After saying that Obama is a socialist who would take away your property and money, as well as other certifiably insane comments, the only article of clothing she needed was a straightjacket.

Palin already had clothes. They should have spent the money on foreign policy tutors, domestic policy tutors, history tutors, geography tutors, math tutors and grammar tutors. And since teachers are notoriously underpaid, they could have gotten all that for closer to $23,000. Which is the amount Palin's traveling makeup artist got paid the first two weeks of October, making her the highest paid member of the McCain campaign during that period. And Palin's traveling hair stylist got $10,000. Of course she was called a "communications consultant". When the press asked Palin a question, she said "Talk to the hair".

John McCain said he's not George W. Bush. Now he says he's not John McCain.

McCain has reinvented himself into a worse candidate than he was in 2000, when he was a Republican you could at least respect while you disagreed with him. The 2000 McCain would have publicly mocked Joe The Plumber. Today he invited him to a rally, and when McCain introduced him, Joe The Plumber wasn't even there. When you get dissed by a famous yet functionally illiterate ignoramus, you know the campaign is not going well.

The Florida local anchorwoman who asked Joe Biden if Obama was a Marxist must have attended the Joseph McCarthy School of Journalism. She also asked Biden if our days as a superpower are over if Obama is elected. With questions like that, her days on local news should be over. Instead she'll probably get her own show on Fox News, co-anchoring with Joe The Plumber.

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