Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bill Clinton Sort Of Thinks That Maybe You Should Vote For Obama

Bill Clinton campaigned today in Florida. For Al Gore.

You could have substituted the name of any Democrat for Obama in Clinton's tepid rallying cry: "Obama's got better answers". Instead of Change We Need, Clinton's version would be:
Change That On A Whole Would Be More Beneficial If That's The Kind of Change You're Looking For

Clinton needs to do a more enthusiastic job of endorsing Obama if he wants to repair the damage to his reputation from the primary campaign. In fact, Clinton and Nader should travel the country together in the "We Ruined Our Legacy Tour".

Sarah's a Regular Joe
Sarah Palin said today that "It's time that normal Joe Six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency." Wasn't Joe well represented by eight years of Bush? It's nice to know Palin seeks to emulate "normal Joe Six-Pack American". So I guess she's in favor of heavy drinking and obesity. But in a normal way of course.

Palin has lowered the bar so much for tomorrow's debate that if she can say "thank you" clearly and concisely, conservative pundits will declare her the winner by a landslide. Of course, with Biden's tendency to be verbose, "thank you" might be all the words she gets to say. Which could be her best strategy of all.

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