Sunday, September 28, 2008

The End Of The DAY As We Know It

We live in challenging times. So I have decided to make things more challenging for myself by changing this blog from a weekly to a daily from now until November 5.

Don't Give Credit Where No Credit is Due
So let me get this straight. The $700 billion bailout is supposed to open up the credit market so banks and other financial institutions can borrow money more easily. Isn't that one of the things that caused this mess to begin with? And John McCain does deserve credit- for nearly sabotaging the negotiations when he came to Washington on Friday. But he certainly doesn't deserve credit for bringing about a solution. Apparently McCain was against direct negotiations with the Democrats, and preferred a military solution to the problem.

Socialized Medicine is Bad. Socialized Condos For Annoying Wall Street Guys is Good. It would cost $100 billion to provide universal health care for a year, to all those who don't have it. But that would be (gulp) SOCIALIZED MEDICINE! And Republicans would rather be dead than red. But somehow when the government gives $700 billion to Wall Street so those $2 million condos will keep getting sold, that's capitalism, not socialism.

Don't Let Sarah Palin Drop Out
. Calling for Sarah Palin to drop out of the race is a callous insult to all hardworking comedians like myself. How would another running mate like Tim Pawlenty advance the cause of political comedy? I'd be open to Tina Fey filling in for Sarah at the debate, but Sarah's name must remain on the ballot. And it's not just comedians who want her to stay on the ticket. It's also those Americans who fear that ignorance,incompetence and the inability to speak the English language won't have a place in politics after Bush leaves office. McCain may say Country First but Palin is Comedy First.

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