Sunday, January 6, 2008

This Blog Is All About Change

Every Presidential candidate this week stole the theme of change from Barack Obama, because he did so well Tuesday in Iowa. Next, to confuse the voting public, they're all going to steal his name too. Except Giuliani, who would love to rename himself Mr. September 11. But he can't, because a professional wrestler has probably beat him to it.

The Republicans go on and on about how Ronald Reagan got the Berlin wall taken down, and then they drool over the thought of putting up their own wall on the border with Mexico. There are a lot of unemployed former East German security police they could hire to build that wall.

President Bush is visiting the Middle East this week.
He'll be staying in a $2600 per night suite at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. They were out of rooms at his first choice- an illegal settlement in the West Bank. This is Bush's first trip ever to Israel, where he's expected to visit the Wall. Not the wailing wall. He's going to visit the wall that separates Israelis from Palestinians, and Palestinians from their gardens and farms. But you know how Republicans love those border walls. Prime Minister Olmert said it's not a wall, it's a gated community. They have a clubhouse, there's entertainment on Saturday night.

I just realized I've gone a couple of paragraphs without mentioning change. So how about a change in the topics the candidates discuss.

They never discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and if they do, it's the always helpful, "I stand by Israel" comment, and then they move on to the next topic. Israelis disagree with the Israeli government more than American politicians do. The candidates think that, if they criticize Israel even slightly, Alan Dershowitz will demand they drop out of the race.

And what about gun control? After every shooting at a school or at the mall, instead of hearing people talk about keeping guns out of everyone's hands, they talk about how we'd be better off if everyone had guns.

I wonder what some of the candidates will be doing years from now?
Fred Thompson acts like he can't wait to jump back into the cast of Law and Order. Mike Huckabee could host the first late night evangelical crusade. Mitt Romney seems well suited to host an infomercial on How To Start Your Own Business With No Money Whatsoever.

And Barack Obama might be bringing about real change. As President of the United States.


Anonymous said...

well said sir. great blog

Pete Dominick

Doug said...


Nice job on this week's blog. Another area for topics not much discussed and gun control could be the issue of popular bills - i.e. things the American public actually wants and in a Democracy should get - having holds put on them in the Senate so they cannot see the light of day. Even the NRA supported a bill to try to keep nut cases from getting guns, but Senator Tom Coburn felt that this would interfere with individual liberties (unlike wiretapping, which he favors) and put a hold on the bill. George Will seems to like Coburn (doesn't that same something in itself?), calling him "the most dangerous creature that can come to the Senate, someone simply uninterested in being popular." Hey, doesn't that sound like a certain President we know? Maybe someone should look up the definition of being "popular" again to see whether that is always such a bad thing. Of course, Coburn isn't the only one single-handedly blocking legislation that could otherwise go through. About a year ago, Senator Ted Sevens of Alaska put a hold on a bill for transparency in federal spending (on things like the $223 million Alaska bridge project of his that caused much controversy).
Keep up the good work, Scott!

Daniel S. said...

Nice job. This is sure to keep me amused during the strike.

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